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Synonyms for Physaria

small genus of western North American herbs similar to Lesquerella: bladderpods

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Physaria mcvaughiana (Rollins) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz.
Physaria mexicana (Rollins) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz.
The genus Physaria (Brassicaceae) in South America.
Ecological requirements of the zapata bladderpod Physaria thamnophila, an endangered Tamaulipan thornscrub plant.
we report results of such a study of the Zapata bladderpod Physaria thamnophila, an endangered perennial of Tamaulipan thornscrub.
Physaria thamnophila was excluded so that effects of richness on P.
thamnophila, additional ANCOVAs of the effect of cover and site on density of adults and seedlings were done using data from 2007, which was the only dataset with separate counts of adults and seedlings and a significant relationship between total density and cover of Physaria.