Physalis ixocarpa

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annual of Mexico and southern United States having edible purplish viscid fruit resembling small tomatoes

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Antimicrobial potentials of different solvent extracted samples from Physalis ixocarpa.
Efecto de desarrollo y secado de semillas de physalis ixocarpa brot en germinacion, vigor y contenido de azucares.
Viabilidad de polen, densidad y tamano de estomas en autotetraploides y diploides de Physalis ixocarpa.
Observations on plastic mulching, imidacloprid and tools for the identification of Melanagromyza tomaterae Steyskal (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on Physalis ixocarpa Brot.
This type of color was also found for Physalis peruviana juice [24], Physalis ixocarpa juice [25] and Physalis pruinosa juice [26].
The first Spanish occurrence of <<true>> Physalis ixocarpa, after that the species had been confused with P.