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the branch of botany that studies algae


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The conference is a great opportunity for the academicians, phycologists, biotechnologists, biologists, botanists, life science, scientists, clinicians, community leaders, entrepreneurs, technology developer, researchers, industry partners, NGO's to learn advanced concepts in algal technologies.
The project was carried out by research teams representing a variety of disciplines, such as engineers, economists, sociologists, and phycologists from different parts of Europe: the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania.
He also sits on the Algal Application Group of the British Phycological Society (phycologists are seaweed botanists) and is a member of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association steering group.
The use of microalgae and other planktonic microbes as aquaculture food in green water ponds has been advocated by phycologists and aquaculture nutritionists (Tacon et al., 2002; Muller-Feuga, 2000; Duerr et al., 1998; Benemann, 1992).
She was one of the first Korean women phycologists to earn her doctorate in the USA.