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They have a longer, narrower body than Phthirus pubis and are more similar in appearance to head lice.
4 (0.6) Neisseria gonorrhoeae 3 (0.4) Streptococcus agalactiae 3 (0.4) Phthirus pubis (pubic lice) 2 (0.3) Enterococcus spp.
A 2009 study by the East Carolina University said about 2 to 10 per cent of the human population suffer from public lice, known scientifically as Phthirus pubis.
En cuanto al conocimiento de haber sufrido infecciones de transmision sexual, 81 (40.4%) menciono el VIH/SIDA, 51 (23.9%) gonorrea, 33 (15.5%) sifilis, y 5 (2.3%) herpes, hepatitis B y Phthirus pubis, respectivamente (figura 2).
Pubic lice (Phthirus pubis) are distinct in appearance from head and body lice; they have short, crablike bodies.