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a small club-shaped structure typically bearing four basidiospores at the ends of minute projections

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Germination with phragmobasidia of three to numerous cells forming hyphal branches without prior conjugation (Figs.
Germination with phragmobasidia; often two-celled parts of the basidia separate from the rest of the basidium, and plasma left in the teliospore germinates again; basidial cells develop basidiospores or hyphae.
Germination with three- to four-celled phragmobasidia; two or three cells of a basidium can separate from the rest of the basidium.
Germination with phragmobasidia forming basidiospores on short sterigmata.
Germination with phragmobasidia; basidial cells often conjugate; dikaryotic cells grow with hyphae elaborating elongated dikaryotic blastoconidia.