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The wall-mounted photosensor is provided with a crescent-shaped shield such that it only "sees" the rotating mirror and stray light within its field of view over the vertical angles 0[degrees] to 180[degrees].
To avoid some of the known problems with transcutaneous devices, we are in the midst of evaluating a computerized photosensor (Chromatics) that takes advantage of a wealth of information on skin tone available to the cosmetics industry.
1992 Spectral dependence of light-inhibited hypocotyls elongation in photomorphogenic mutants of Arabidopsis: evidence for a UV-A photosensor.
The spread of parameters of the initial photosensor array was [delta]=98.
One minor disadvantage in some positioning situations is the relatively large and bulky enclosure of a CCD-based DR system, necessitated by placing the CCD out of the direct X-ray beam and using mirror optics to reflect the light to the photosensor array.
The M130 has a photosensor to determine if a flare is launched, but fails to ignite.
The business is waiting on five patents for new designs and engineering for the reflector system, photosensor, power supply and mounting and cooling systems for its LED streetlight technology.
Typical dimming systems have several drawbacks, including high initial cost and difficult photosensor programming and installation.
Each system was controlled by a photosensor, which ensured that the LED lighting did not come on during the day or when the overhead lights were on, and by a motion sensor that slowly turned the lights on when the resident put his/her feet on the floor or when a nurse walked into the room.
The built-in photosensor controls the LEDs based on ambient light levels, making this camera an suitable for night-time security uses.
Instead of individual photocells, one large-area, specially structured photosensor generates the four 90-degree electrically phase-shifted scanning signals.
For example, component degradation occurs whenever corrective maintenance is required, such as a loose belt, a worn brush of a motor, dust on a photosensor, etc, but the components have not failed.
5mm Fe and, if any contaminated product is found, the microprocessor-controlled Combo instructs an air-jet to blow the wedge into a sealed bin, and a photosensor alarm system automatically stops the line if the rejected pack fails to enter the bin.
A tab on the back of the mirror interrupts the photosensor light beam circuit as the mirror crosses maximum deflection.