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of or pertaining to photoelectricity

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The impact of colored glazing and spectral response of photosensors in the estimation of daylighting energy savings.
DD at any specific time is equal to the ratio of photosensor signal to workplane illuminance by electric lighting ([M.
In addition to FOV, the spectral sensitivity of the photosensor was tested.
The window blinds affected not only the airflow into the building but also the performance of the photosensors on the overhead lights and light shelves that were part of the low-energy building design.
Proper switching of the window was accomplished using closed-loop proportional control via the same ceiling-mounted photosensors used for the electric lighting.
Wattstopper has introduced a photosensor to combine open and closed loop technologies.
Note that the power reductions attributable to the photosensor system peak at about the same time as the specified DR event reduction.
To do this, the device integrates an RGB photosensor array, an analog-to-digital converter front-end, a color data processing logic core and a high-resolution 12-bit pulse-width modulation (PWM) output generator.
LMLS-600 Dual Loop Switching and Dimming Photosensor
Keywords for this release: Sensor technology, simulation engine, contactless capacitive angular-position sensors, coupling linear movement, angular sensing, optical encoders, holographic interferometry, shearography, non-contact system, motorized gantry, laser diode, anamorphic beam-conditioning optics, charge-coupled device chip, fringe projection, displacement sensors, sub-micron measurement, high-resolution fiber optic sensors, shank-based systems, pretravel, bifurcated optical fiber bundle, photosensor, dimensional metrology, 3D control, depth mapping, micro-fabrication
Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS), the leading global supplier of high performance products that optimize power in multiple end markets, today announced that its QSB34 infrared (IR) photosensor took top honors in EDN magazine's highly regarded product competition, "Hot 100 Products of 2003.
227 Panasonic 229 Philips 230 Wireless Kinetically Powered Energy Devices 231 Wireless Solar Powered Photosensor.
It is designed to hold up to 300 items and also features the latest technology and security devices, including a web camera, drop sensors, intelligent control to manage product expiration, continuous auto-testing of all operations, and photosensor position controls.
Sensor Location Function Zones PH1 Private Photosensor system for aa, ac, ae, VS1 offices closed-loop dimming, PIR a f, ah, vacancy sensor ak, al, am PH2 TS Perimeter Photosensor system for ab, ad, ag open closed-loop dimming, time ai, aj office schedule with time-extension override PH3 First Photosensor system for ao floor open-loop dimming atrium PH4 Second Photosensor system for ap floor open-loop switching atrium skylight
Now with the new MonacoOPTIX sensor with "Light Tunnel" technology that integrates with the photosensor, we can offer the most accurate and complete monitor profiling solution available today.