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a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

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The Paris Observatory wishes as part of its Naroo project: - acquire a machine scanning (scanner name or digitizer) submicron photographic plates.
This is an advertisement for photographic plates, the original photographs.
Materials for orthopedic applications, artificial body parts, hearing aid as well as X-Ray, tubes, panels, photographic plates and films, and other medical, surgical, dental and veterinary equipment accounted for last year's imported healthcare products.
The seventh edition of this anatomical guide to the rat brain, this version contains 161 revised coronal diagrams with accompanying photographic plates of microtome slides taken at 120 micrometer intervals through the brain from its anterior to posterior end.
These rare black and white photographic plates - among seven to be auctioned - show Britain's greatest-ever wartime PM as a Harrow schoolboy between the ages of 13 and 17.
Special photographic plates are sensitive to heat (infrared) radiation and the past presence of objects is shown differentially.
An insert section of black-and-white vintage photographic plates, as well as appendices and a bibliography, enhance this reconstruction of a little-known athlete who deliberately walked away from a gold-medal career.
We have to be grateful for men like Szarkowski, who see the work of a great photographer out there and then work tirelessly to bring the photographic plates into the care of a museum.
Paul had been given a stack of old photographic plates by his grandfather, Wilfred, who worked for the Examiner for many years.
Photographic plates suitable for astronomy were relatively cheap and available in chemists' shops.
The lower bed features the Cragside Crackle - patterns which were produced by electrical sparks during Lord Armstrong's experiments to study the movement of electricity through the air and water and were captured on photographic plates.
The series "Six in All," for example, tracks the fate of Matthew Brady's photographic plates, some of which end up as window panes in a greenhouse, where his ghostly images tremble against the sky.
This definitive reference on some 17,000 species and 1,200 genera/subgenera of Apiformes presents new facts, reclassifications based on phylogenetic analyses, more recent annotated references, and photographic plates of fossil bees.
He illustrates the text with 47 figures and 50 photographic plates.
A concordance of excavation numbers, and a handful of museum numbers, is followed by a long and useful descriptive section to accompany the numerous photographic plates.
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