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a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

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Second, the cluster's proximity to Earth allowed the team to spot dim bodies on the photographic plates.
But photographic plates remain in the running, thanks to their much larger sizes.
Clowes and Campusano plan to examine photographic plates from other sky regions to find out whether other such clusters may have existed in the early universe.
A handful of black-and-white photographic plates illustrate this true tale of the vivacious man who turned around a struggling football program in Alabama, led the record in career victories for a college football coach, with 323 major-college wins and had the loyalty and steadfast determination to resist a $1.
Completed in the early 1950s and covering the sky from declination +90 |degrees~ to about -30 |degrees~, the survey resulted in 936 pairs of red- and blue-light photographic plates taken with the 48-inch Schmidt telescope.
But by using a computer scanning technique and special color criteria to analyze millions of images on photographic plates, McMahon and his collaborators found 20 quasars that rank among the most distant objects known.
An inset selection of black-and-white photographic plates illustrates this highly recommended collection of glimpses into modern-day life in Afghanistan.
THE FIRST COMET discovered this year was just a 15th-magnitude speck in Ursa Major when it appeared on photographic plates exposed January 2nd and 3rd for the second Palomar Sky Survey.
McMahon, working with Michael Irwin of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in Cambridge and Cyril Hazard of the University of Pittsburgh, computer-scanned some 25 million celestial objects depicted on photographic plates from the U.
Tenders are invited for : photographic plates and film, film for instant printing; Photochemicals photographic and unmixed material (plate and flat film, sensitized, unexposed, of any material; instant print film for flat, sensitized, unexposed (except on paper, cardboard or tissue) 20.
Generally their angular view is small (only a few arc minutes), but it is well suited to the needs of spectroscopy and the small physical size of modern electronic detectors, such as the charge-coupled devices (CCDs) that have superseded photographic plates on this class of instrument.
Four days later, astronomers Massimo Della Valle and Brian Jarvis of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in La Silla, Chile, identified the optical counterpart of the bright X-ray source by comparing old and new photographic plates of the same sky region with X-ray images from GRANAT and the Japanese satellite Ginga.
Several pages of inset black-and-white photographic plates illustrates this captivating, expertly researched, and thoroughly immersive saga.
The search bore fruit thanks to records from the Digital Access to a Sky Century at Harvard (DASCH) project, a digital collection of roughly 500,000 photographic plates taken by Harvard astronomers between 1885 and 1993 (S&T: May 2015, p.
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