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an album for photographs

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Building on these analyses of photographs, I argue that youth's personal photographic albums do not just create a narrative about the self, but also actively constitute the self.
Writing about the photographic album, she explains that a photograph is not exclusively a visual medium: it has an oral consciousness, by which she means that it is affiliated with voices that articulate attitudes, values, sensibilities, identities, and self-worth.
Fellow Englishman Isaac Roberts, using a 20-inch reflector, published a vivid photographic album of star clusters and nebulae; his "true" Crab Nebula bore only marginal resemblance to even the most skilled drawings.
This superb audio book comes with a 76-page photographic album, with pictures from the life of the Queen Mother.
A leather-bound photographic album, recording the building of the individual, personally- commissioned Rolls-Royce.
While these two successful uses of the central clearinghouse at the FBI's New York office show the effectiveness of collaborative police efforts, continuing problems in identifying YACS burglars led the New York Office to prepare a YACS photographic album. A unique investigative resource available to police agencies across the country, the album explains the YACS method of operation and contains a list of YACS names.
Instead, they write a diary about their Travel Buddy - it becomes a photographic album with a diary and it rotates from school to school.
In addition there are hundreds of prints and photographs of Lincoln in life and death, including the White House photographic album and photographs of the interior of Ford's Theatre taken the day after John Wilkes Booth shot the President.
Browsing through the pages of their family photographic album was a journey through an age of striped blazers, woolly bathing costumes and the grandest of seaside hotels.
Pedro spent thousands of reis on photographic albums and tutorials for his family.
Mary's miniature photographic albums are a rare icon of the age, very closely associated with the social, artistic and scientific history of South Wales.
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