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a planographic printing process using plates made from a photographic image

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Researchers of the plan produced a glutamate biosensor based on carbon nanotubes with vertical arrangement by using photo-lithography in addition to carving by reactive ion etching (RIE) as a post-preparation stage for the substitution of electron beam lithography, and they compared its performance with that of the biosensor previously synthesized by the group.
Many industrial applications such as semiconductor chip fabrication, photo-lithography, and UV curing, require accurate measurement of the irradiance and will benefit from having a stable, accurate UV probe.
We want to install better equipment to enhance technologies such as photo-lithography and ion-milling for the production of magnetic heads," he said.
An advanced Argon fluoride photo-lithography light source has been deployed to etch the finer circuitry permitted by the 70nm process.
The equipment being sought is primary used for photo-lithography patterning positive tone, negative tone and liquid phase resists on 100 and 150 mm silicon wafer.