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journalism that presents a story primarily through the use of pictures

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Rose Eichenbaum, a Los Angeles-based photo-journalist, is working on a book, Movement Master: Portraits of America's Great Choreographers.
The first is that, between October 3 and 6, 1997, he intended to pervert the course of justice by offering Alexander Button, a photo-journalist, pounds 2,000 to withdraw a statement in which a complaint was made against Richard Grey, a police officer in the Thames Valley force.
By the late '20s the Communist Party's efforts to bring workers into the fold through photography had given rise to a thriving photo-journalist press run by and for workers.
The first video showed the execution of American photo-journalist James Foley.
She was speaking after the Mumbai court had on Friday sentenced four convicts to life imprisonment for raping a photo-journalist and a telephone operator in the deserted Shakti Mills compound last year.
New Delhi Indian police arrested a third accused in the gangrape of a woman photo-journalist, even as a court sent two other accused to police custody till Aug 30.
THE wife of Liverpool filmmaker and photo-journalist Paul Conroy made an emotional appeal for action to rescue him from the besieged Syrian city of Homs.
MONSTERS (12) THE STORY Photo-journalist Kaulder (Scoot McNairy) and his publisher's daughter Sam (Whitney Able) must cross the area of Mexico overrun by alien monsters and find a way back to the safety of the USA.
She also paid tribute to Japan Consulate General at Karachi, Masharu Sato for encouraging Pakistani photo-journalist and providing an opportunity to him to exhibit their natural talent.
Israeli photo-journalist Israel Poterman was detained by Israeli soldiers while covering the weekly demonstration against the separation wall in Bili'n on May 21.
Supporters have dubbed the left-wing photo-journalist one of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century.
There was further speculation about the couple's adventure after photo-journalist Richard took pictures of the ordeal.
DITH PRAN was the kindlyfaced photo-journalist whose story was told in the Oscarwinning film, The Killing Fields.
A photo-journalist trapped in a shopping mall full of ghastly undead shoppers, you've got to try to uncover the reason behind this menace, while fighting them off with everything and anything at your disposal.