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a colorless crystalline amino acid found in protein

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The LIG_FHA_1 motifs matched with amino acid residues RDTHCLG (658-664) that is a functional residue of Phosphothreonine motif binding site, a subset of FHA domains that have a preference for a large aliphatic amino acid at the pT+3 position in the nucleus.
However, since PknG had been previously proposed to interact with GarA through phosphothreonine residues located in the N-terminal domain of the protein (O'Hare et al., 2008; Scherr et al., 2009), the lack of interaction between PknG-[DELTA]Ct and GarA could be result of conformational changes in the mutant protein, brought about by deletion of the C-terminus, which would prevent the interaction of its N-terminal domain with GarA.
SpvC is a Salmonella effector with phosphothreonine lyase activity on host mitogen-activated protein kinases.
(San Diego, CA), and the monoclonal antibodies to phosphothreonine and phosphoserine were purchased from Alexis Corp.
The protein serine/threonine phosphatases are a unique family of enzymes that catalyze the specific dephosphorylation of phosphoserine or phosphothreonine residues in many cell types.
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