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Acute phosphate nephropathy following oral sodium phosphate bowel purgative: an under-recognized cause of chronic renal failure.
Acute phosphate nephropathy presents as acute kidney injury with minimal proteinuria and a bland urine sediment.
Risk factors for phosphate nephropathy in these patients are high basal serum phosphate levels, increased bowel transit time, need for high purgative dosages, increased tubular phosphate re-absorption, advanced age and the concurrent administration of some drugs.
Use with caution in patients with impaired renal function, patients with a history of acute phosphate nephropathy, patients with a history of seizures or at higher risk of seizure, patients with higher risk of cardiac arrhythmias, known or suspected electrolyte disturbances (such as dehydration), or people taking drugs that affect electrolyte levels.
Nephrocalcinosis Secondary to Acute Phosphate Nephropathy Following Oral Sodium Phosphate Bowel Purgatives