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an insecticide that interferes with an insect's nervous system

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Phosphate esters primarily find applications as lubricant additives.
2N NaOH solution, to remove mono-p-methoxy phosphate ester, unreacted phosphorus oxytrichloride and the phenol and finally digested in hot 0.
Ashland will also increase the price of its Dextrol and Strodex phosphate ester specialty surfactants to the coatings industry by five percent.
Formulations including both sorbitan and phosphate ester emulsifiers, compared with formulations containing a single emulsifier, suggest that dual emulsification improves both emulsification and mold-inhibitory activity (Fig.
APEO Free Phosphate Ester Surfactants for Coatings Colorants and Emulsion Polymerization--Bruce Fillipo, Ashland
A series of soybean oil phosphate ester polyols (SOPEP) was prepared by reaction of fully epoxidized soybean oil with phosphoric acid and simultaneous hydrolysis in the presence of a polar solvent.
Other modified starches used for surface applications include hydroxypropylated, acetylated, acid modified, phosphate ester and dextrin.
Hydraulic fluids include mineral oil, phosphate ester and water glycol.
Leon will lead the development of new formulations for the phosphate ester surfactants in architectural paint and industrial coatings.
Advantages of this phosphate ester pro-drug of phenytoin is that it remains stable when diluted in either saline or dextrose, it can be used intramuscularly when intravenous access is unattainable, and cardiovascular effects and adverse skin effects are minimal.
3 [Angstrom]) and Charge States of a Ribonuclease A-Uridine Vanadate Complex: Implications for the Phosphate Ester Hydrolysis Mechanism, J.
1] was also detected, which suggested a hydrolysis of the phosphate ester unit to P(O)OH groups during purification.
Wilkie and his team have found that use of a specific catalyst, phosphate ester, reduces the peak heat-release rate of the plastic to less than 40 percent of that of pure polystyrene.
The second cross-linker employs a newly-developed reagent based on the acyl phosphate ester of trimesic acid and offers the prospect of developing custom-designed products for a variety of applications based on differing product characteristics.
In tests this new EPDM compound exhibits good stability at elevated temperatures in all type IV and type V phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, known under the HyJet and Skydrol brands, as specified in NAS1613 Rev 5.