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the relation between two different kinds of organisms when one receives benefits from the other without damaging it

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Therefore, although the significance of abiotic variables should not be overlooked, it is necessary explore the relationship of pseudoscorpions with the dynamics of prey and explore specific microhabitats such as bird nests, and colonies of bee, ants, and termites, as these can be home to many endemic and still unknown species for science, as well as the phoretic behavior that some species have displayed (Mahnert and Adis 2002).
(1995), Athias-Binche (1984), Athias-Binche and Morand (1993), Binns (1982) y Farish and Axtell (1971) in this phenomenon of transportation to other habitats, the phoretic stage or phoront seeks and attaches the surface of another animal, then enters quiescence or feeding state.
There are also records of phoretic dispersal of pseudoscorpions on vertebrate carriers such as birds (Harvey et al.
Host and distribution lists of mites (Acari), parasitic and phoretic, in the hair or on the skin of North American wild mammals north of Mexico: records since 1974.
matrius is found in litter, dropping of small animals (rabbits and rats etc), manures (cow, horse, poultry) and insects (Dipterans) and show phoretic behaviour with flies and beetles.
Habitat fragmentation and arthropod community change: carrion beetles, phoretic mites and flies.
Removal of brood cells invaded by mites interrupts the reproductive cycle of Varroa destructor, prolongs its phoretic phase or kills the parasite (Zakar et al., 2014).
(2005) describe a phoretic behavior by Dero (Allodero) superterrenus on the skin of treefrogs inhabiting tank bromeliads.
Phoretic association between larvae of Rheotanytarsus (Diptera: Chironomidae) and genera of Odonata in a first-order stream in an area of Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil.
2011) revealed none of the modifications of the tarsal claws found in other bat-associated fly species known either to be phoretic on Chiroptera, i.e.
The pseudostalked barnacle Xenobalanus globicipitis is a cosmopolitan species and an obligate phoretic commensal that attaches itself to cetacean hosts.
(1990) Ectoparasitic and phoretic arthropods of Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana) in central Tennessee, journal of Parasitology 76: 581-583.