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an ancient maritime country (a collection of city states) at eastern end of the Mediterranean

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Phoenecian traders first introduced the almond to Spain, today's third largest almond producer.
Back into the Phoenecian port of Alcudia, we head towards a main drag of touristy restaurants, pandering to package holiday Brits.
Just like the explorers in King Solomon's Mines, the Time Traveller finds "suggestions of old Phoenecian decorations" (26) in the buildings he observes.
The resort of The Cedars above the Maronite Christian stronghold of the Kadisha Valley and the town of Bcharre, famous for an ancient copse of trees that survived the Phoenecian boat building frenzy and Egyptian demand for the wood for sarcophagi.
Two groups of subjects were identified: Chinese readers who performed better on lexical than sublexical tasks (so-called because Chinese script is logographic) and Phoenecian readers who performed better on sublexical than lexical tasks (Phoenecian script was read via grapheme-to-phoneme conversion).
Quite possibly the prettiest harbour in the Med, Kyrenia, or Girne in Turkish, is flanked by an old Venetian fort which houses the remains of a Phoenecian ship wrecked off the coast.