Phoebus Apollo

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(Greek mythology) Greek god of light

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I care neither for you nor for your anger; and thus will I do: since Phoebus Apollo is taking Chryseis from me, I shall send her with my ship and my followers, but I shall come to your tent and take your own prize Briseis, that you may learn how much stronger I am than you are, and that another may fear to set himself up as equal or comparable with me."
Apollo Smintheus you know the truth So give me what I long for Make the Greeks recompense these tears I pour Use your arrows So he prayed And Phoebus Apollo heard his words Down from Olympus' height did he go then with anger in his heart and on his shoulder his bow and his quiver that holder of arrows that rattled and clanged to the tune of his anger as he came And he came like night Translated from the Greek by Keyne Cheshire
APG Global Associates said five more airlines joined its interline e-ticketing program--Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Ghana International Airlines, Phoebus Apollo Aviation and Zambezi Airlines.
For example, she suggests that the exorcism of Apollo in "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity" represents Milton's announcement of "the eclipse of what Phoebus Apollo had come to stand for in his time" (66).
Phoebus Apollo, called also Smintheus the mousekiller For the protection he gives The grain of the farmers.