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A phytogeny of the extant Phocidae inferred from complete mitochondrial DNA coding regions.
Seals' (Phocidae) bones are relatively rare--only 36 fragments.
But Pikharev (1941) described in detail the harvests of true seals (Phocidae) on the Shantarsky Islands between 1930 and 1939 and did not mention Steller sea lions.
Marine mammals are of significant cultural and socioeconomic importance to residents of Greenland, and the various phocid seal species (the "true" seals of the family Phocidae) are perhaps the most important of all.
These hunting societies utilized many marine resources including belugas, seals, Otariidae and Phocidae; and porpoises, Phocoenidae.
The faunal assemblages are predominantly Phocidae, and of those elements that are identifiable to species, over 90% are Phoca groenlandica, or harp seal (Murray, 1992; Renouf and Murray, 1999; Hodgetts et al., 2003).
Reproduction of seals of the family Phocidae in the North Pacific.
The vertebrate assemblages from Qeqertasussuk, Qaja, and Nipisat 1 include many bones of seal (Phocidae), waterfowl, and, in the case of Nipisat 1, caribou (Rangifer tarandus) (Mohl, 1986; Gronnow, 1994; Gotfredsen, 1998).