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Evidence of a maternal foraging cycle resembling that of otariid seals in a small phocid, the harbor seal.
Age-related disease in recurrent outbreaks of phocid herpes type-1 infections in a seal rehabilitation center: Evaluation of diagnostic methods.
Key words: ringed seal, bearded seal, ribbon seal, Arctic phocid, call repertoire, seasonality, vocalization, sea ice
Since the identification of seals as a novel host, antibodies against human influenza B viruses have been detected in some additional otarid and phocid species in a few relatively small studies (2,3).
During studies of wild Sea Otters, Yeates and others (2007) found that a foraging Sea Otter has a daily energy expenditure (6.1 [+ or -] 1.1 MJ [day.sup.-1]) which is twice that predicted for phocid seals.
Comparison of phocid and otariid feeding habits and life history traits in temperate and boreal regions of the North Pacific ocean.
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Sequence analysis of the genes encoding the nucleocapsid protein and phosphoprotein (P) of phocid distemper virus, and editing of the P gene transcript.
The occurrence of the phocid seals along the coast of Japan and possible dispersal of pups.
Comparing these results with data from four other phocid species, they concluded that this was only true for the most polygynous seal species (i.e., the two species of elephant seals).
A full cross-section sample provides the most complete information regarding diet because phocid blubber is not homogenous throughout its depth and the inner layer responds most quickly to diet shifts (Iverson et al., 1997).
Marine mammals are of significant cultural and socioeconomic importance to residents of Greenland, and the various phocid seal species (the "true" seals of the family Phocidae) are perhaps the most important of all.
Serologic survey for Brucella spp., phocid herpesvirus-1, phocid herpesvirus-2, and phocine distemper virus in harbor seals from Alaska, 1976-1999.
Sex differences in the seasonal patterns of energy storage and expenditure in a phocid seal.
The Pacific harbor seal (hereafter referred to as the harbor seal) is a small phocid seal common to waters along the west coast of North America.