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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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Tim Simmons, chief executive of The Ogden Trust, cuts the ribbon to open the new Phiz Lab and (above, |right) Anna Shirley (left), Amina Wray and Harry Williams conduct an experiment
e lab is part of the Phiz Lab initiative, run by education organisation the Ogden Trust, to boost science teaching in primary schools.
Edward Caswall's little book was published in 1837 complete with drawings by Phiz.
For what was the artist Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) best known?
The factory also specialised in advertising wares, notably the lion that promoted Genozo toothpaste and Guinness ashtrays depicting a drawing by Phiz of Sam Weller composing a valentine against a contemporary Guinness sign.
3) Careful readers of Dombey and Son will have seen this portrait on the wall overlooking the devils' dinner as portrayed by Phiz for chapter 26 (Dombey 316); my label for the trio--Dombey, Carker, Bagstock--at their celebratory dinner takes its cue from the illustration's legend: "Joe B is sly Sir; devilish sly.
9 4-letter words: bias (2) duck (1) veld (3) yogh (1) phiz (5) menu (6) task (1) bult (6) Harz dhak (1) bile (3) hole (4) slip (2) knur (1) vols (6) bury (2) dawt (4) hexa late (1) bumf (2) dhow (1) Xipe (3) lash (4) plew (3) zhos (1) pita (7) whap
Nothing but face, says a character in Ferdydurke who is looking for authentic countenance: the face that looks at me and the face it imposes on mine and the face I adopt in return and all the faces, mugs, grimaces, and permutations of phiz that pass between us.
I think I was dipping into (as ever) The Pickwick Papers, illustrated by Phiz and others (watch it, Burns, are you making this up?
Michael Steig, Dickens and Phiz (Indiana, 1978), 53, calls Cattermole's Nell 'a wax doll'.
Epigraphs from the Odyssey and unfamiliar, though charming, illustrations adorn the text, but neither is mentioned further, even though some of the engravings by Phiz, not illustrated, are discussed.
99), complete with Phiz and Cattermole's illustrations along with Nicholas Nickleby ([pounds sterling] 7.
As a last word, if you are hunting around book shops this summer it was Phiz who worked for Dickens on Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield and Bleak House.
99) complete with the original Phiz drawings and a reissue of two of Aldous Huxley's anti-war novels.