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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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Gathergold, and old Blood-and-Thunder, and Old Stony Phiz.
Our Lady of Assumption in Tile Hill has become the first primary school in Coventry to receive a Phiz Lab as part of an initiative supported by the Ogden Trust.
CHIPPING Campden School has become the first secondary school in the UK to launch a Phiz Lab .
PHIZ has taken some time to hit her stride but following an excellent effort in finishing second at Doncaster must take all the beating in the Princess Royal Richard Hambro EBF Stakes at Newmarket.
Phiz has taken some time to hit her stride but following her excellent effort in finishing second at doncaster she must take all the beating in the Princess Royal Richard Hambro EBF Stakes.
Jamie Spencer's companion trotted away from Alta Lilea inside the final furlong and was not hard pressed in accounting for Phiz by a length and a quarter.
What is his connection with her corrupted Phiz social networking site and her 'watcher's' ominous spider symbol?
Illustrations by Phiz, Boz, Baz and Jemima Early editions of the novel were illustrated, most famously by Phiz (aka Hablot Browne).
Drawing on over sixty well-chosen black-and-white illustrations included in this book, Sher painstakingly explains the technical challenges, as well as publishing rationale, for appending engraved authorial portraits to around a fifth of the publications in his database, resulting in the fact that, as Burns himself acknowledged, "my phiz is sae kenspeckie" [my face is so well-known] that, on seeing a frontispiece likeness, even a joiner's apprentice recognized him (p.
The Morgan show includes typically exuberant examples by Dickens's illustrators Phiz and Cruikshank, the more genteel Millais for Trollope, and the sophisticated winks with which Thackeray himself illustrated Vanity Fair.
Offset 1: anna awes erne owse pelt phiz yeuk yoke pelts verne
Nothing but face, says a character in Ferdydurke who is looking for authentic countenance: the face that looks at me and the face it imposes on mine and the face I adopt in return and all the faces, mugs, grimaces, and permutations of phiz that pass between us.
Marry, an' as the wise old king who plugged a dozen holes of an evening was wont to say, his encarnadined phiz covered o'er with the juice o' the sacred grape, a varlet'll come to his galliards an' his corantos late, if he come at all, for the wine goes round in his whirling eye that the faithful sun doth scorch to a desert consistency as like as to powder as m'lady's damask skin beneath her plackets when the reeling moon doth sport with her desperate suitors, the stars.
In British Columbia, Conquest is engaged in exploring its Phiz and Rock & Roll precious and base metal properties located in the Iskut River area.