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(art) the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art)

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That aside, Hegel, more than any post-Kantian philosopher of art, takes seriously the spiritual community of art with the religious; and in so doing he reconnects the truth of art to the sources of the human's relation to the ultimate.
Novelist, philosopher of art, Resistance hero, Minister of Culture: Georges Andre Malraux is not easily identified as one person.
However, the philosopher of art will be inclined, again naturally enough, to look more closely at the notion of art's expressive, representational, or symbolic purposes.
Kant (in chapter 2) appears as the philosopher of art, subordinating art to philosophy: his anxious defence of disinterested beauty, taste and sublimity is to be reread, following Bataille, alongside the opposite concerns of a contemporary such as de Sade.
The philosopher of art ought to function as a type of critic.