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the humanistic study of language and literature

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In 1876, members of the Normal School Philologian Society at Westfield enjoyed "an illustrated lecture.
The attempt to discover significance in the detail, the habit of taking a detail of language as seriously as the meaning of a work of art--or, in other words, the attitude which sees all manifestations of man as equally serious--this is an outgrowth of the preestablished firm conviction, the "axiom," of the philologian, that details are not an inchoate aggregation of dispersed material through which no light shines.
In the absence of a complete up-to-date philological dictionary his four published volumes serve the philologian, and not merely the historical linguist.
(The philologians have all accepted with an excess of good faith the view that vulgar languages meanings were fixed by convention.
(16) On the interpretive side, philologians note that the vocabulary and sentiments are Lukan (Fitzmyer 1985:1503), albeit commonplace, and that the tenor of the verse fits with Lukan theology, although the verse does not seem to fit well into the flow of the narrative.