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an ancient region on the coast of southwestern Palestine that was strategically located on a trade route between Syria and Egypt

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21) For prophecies against Philistia (and therefore in favour of the Israelites' right to Ashkelon), see Jeremiah 47, Amos I, and Zephania 2.
On the other hand, Mesopotamia, Syria, Philistia, and other Ancient Near Eastern lands are frequently no more than names to our students, and they are likely to be unaware of Hatti or Nuzi or Mari or yet other places in the East.
Contested Peripheries: Philistia in the Neo-Assyrian World-System.
The novels, which, unlike Powell's, jump back and forth in time, take the characters from school (Fielding Gray, 1967) to the Army (Sound the Retreat, 1971, and The Sabre Squadron, 1966), the "corridors of power" (The Rich Pay Late, 1964, and Friends in Low Places, 1965), scenes of international intrigue (The Judas Boy, 1968), student unrest during the Sixties (Places Where They Sing, 1970), the movie business and an excursion into American Philistia (Come Like Shadows, 1972) and finally to nemesis and impending age (Bring Forth the Body, 1974, and The Survivors, 1976).
Indeed, one person's civilization is another's Philistia.
20) For example, when Jesus and his disciples withdraw after the death of John the Baptist, a voice-over speaks words that include Isaiah 14:31 ("Wail, O gate; cry, O city; melt in fear, 0 Philistia, all of you
Philistia disappeared, but despite several exiles, enclaves of Jews always remained in the land of Israel.
The artifice that music will empower is Cather's Kingdom of Art, a kingdom in which Bohemia wins out over Philistia and Art is the sacred mover.
Verily upon Philistia will I cast out my shoe: Marx is mine and Douglas is mine, Mason is my washpot.
In Drews's historical reconstruction the innovation of infantry warfare was discovered and adopted by various barbarian tribes (97) - Kaskans, Sardinians, and others hailing from the north Aegean, Lycia, and the countryside of Philistia and Israel (219) who took pleasure in destroying and looting wealthy kingdom states (83).
Elat (1978: 87, 88) claimed long ago--before the important discoveries at Ekron were made--that the Assyrians did not initiate the trade, and Stager (1996) attributed the prosperity of Philistia to the period of Egyptian hegemony over Philistia and Judah (see Gitin's 2003 reply).
He changed the name of Israel to Philistia from there to Palestina and eventually Palestine.
Khirbet Qeiyafa, according to the Antiquities Authority, enjoyed is a key strategic location in the biblical Kingdom of Judea, as it was located on the main road linking Philistia, the coastal plain and Hebron.
7]Your extended majesty // [14]The peoples have heard You have overthrown those who rise up against You // They tremble You sent forth Your wrath // Anguish seizes It consumed them like stubble // The inhabitants of Philistia.