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Englishman and husband of Elizabeth II (born 1921)

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Lastly, Philippe would perhaps not have taken his brother behind the scenes of the Opera if Raoul had not been the first to ask him, repeatedly renewing his request with a gentle obstinacy which the count remembered at a later date.
On that evening, Philippe, after applauding the Daae, turned to Raoul and saw that he was quite pale.
Raoul tore his gloves without knowing what he was doing and Philippe had much too kind a heart to laugh at him for his impatience.
They reached the stage and pushed through the crowd of gentlemen, scene-shifters, supers and chorus-girls, Raoul leading the way, feeling that his heart no longer belonged to him, his face set with passion, while Count Philippe followed him with difficulty and continued to smile.
"How can I, Philippe? It is an old magisterial habit to sit still.
Philippe de Sucy quivered; his broad brow contracted; his face became as sombre as the skies above them.
"Some day, my friend," said Philippe, pressing his hand, and thanking him for his mute repentance by a heart-rending look, "I will relate to you my life.
Come, let us pursue the black and white lady--forward, march!" cried Philippe, with forced gaiety.
"It is very singular!" said Philippe, as they skirted the park wall.
"What is your name?" said Philippe, looking at her fixedly, as if he meant to mesmerize her.
"It is she!" cried Philippe, recovering his senses.
"My dear d'Albon," said Philippe, pressing his hand, "I am going to ask a kindness of you.
can you mean Baron Philippe de Sucy?" cried the doctor, clasping his hands.
"That is not so certain, sir, by what I learn, as that the throne is likely to maintain Louis Philippe. To own the truth to you, I am a Carlist, as all genteel articles are, and I enter but little into the subject of Louis Philippe's reign."
"But, surely, there is some one in the world whom you love?" added Philippe.