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(Greek mythology) a simple countryman who offered hospitality to Zeus and Hermes when they came to earth without revealing their identities in order to test people's piety

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(New Testament) a Christian (probably living in Colossae) whose slave escaped and went to see Saint Paul

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a New Testament book containing an epistle from Saint Paul to Philemon asking Philemon to forgive the slave for escaping

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Prime Minister Philemon Yang expressed appreciation of Sri Lanka's consistent positions which had been of value to Cameroon over the years.
Philemon Truesdale died in 1945, leaving a legacy of medical achievement that has seldom been equaled.
Is it then anachronistic to ask if Paul intended in the letter to Philemon to challenge the Greco-Roman institution of slavery?
Following the opening prayers Bible readings from Deuteronomy and Philemon, were by Pat Jessop and Liz Malafronte.
The intimate letter of Philemon is a bid Paul makes to his friend "on the basis of love" (Philemon 1:9).
Speakers at this exclusive IQPC conference include Reginald Tekateka, Regional Chair - Africa, Global Water Partnership, Nomonde Mnukwa, Chief Director - Eastern Cape, Department of Water Affairs, Sipho Mosai, Chief Operating Officer, Rand Water, Thokozani Boikutso, Head of Wastewater, Rand Water, Pumezo Jonas, General Manger - Scientific & Engineering Services, Umgeni Water, Philemon Moshoko, Head of Water and Sanitation, City of Capetown and Frank Stevens, Deputy Head - Technical Support, eThekwini Municipality
Authors on the paper are Xiaodong Liu, Philemon 2010 Al Bawaba (www.
and attractive in their loves--Pygmalion, Baucis and Philemon.
He received Parliament Speaker Cavaye Yegue Djibril, Prime Minister Philemon Yang and Foreign Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi.
The first place prizes for the best oral and poster presentations, sponsored by MS-AL Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC), went to Philemon Kirui (Ph.
Kenya Airports Authority's (KAA) Projects Manager, Philemon Chamwada, said recently that the KAA is evaluating three international contractors for an expansion project at Kisumu Airport that will take 22 months to complete.
Over the 10 days, Philemon had watched my attempts to carve a traditional shepherd's stick.
This response, however, cannot account for the fact that when Paul writes even to a single individual, Philemon, we see Paul appealing from many different angles for Philemon to do what is right in receiving back his runaway slave Onesimus.