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United States physicist who studied the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems (1923-)

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Who: Phil Anderson, Director, Treasury Capital Markets, Starbucks, and Krishnan Iyengar, Vice President, Global Solutions, Reval.
The former Last Shadow Puppets and Rascals frontman has assembled an impressive band featuring Jay Sharrock from The Sand Band on drums, singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness on vocals/rhythm guitar and Ben Parsons and Phil Anderson from Cherry Ghost on keyboards and bass guitar.
CUTLINE: (PHOTO) Phil Anderson of Auburn hits over the pond and onto the second green at Bay Path Golf Course.
Walker was eventually left disappointed as teammate Phil Anderson was sent off midway through the second half before the away side snatched a winner through Marc Newsham in injury-time.
Steve Sharp, 48, has been named vice president, corporate controller and treasurer for the company reporting to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Phil Anderson.
Phil Anderson of Fairbanks, AGC president in 2003, was named winner of the prestigious Hard Hat Award for 2008.
The company vice president for exploration, Phil Anderson, said, 'While one significant intercept out of nine holes is not considered highly successful drill results, Canadian Shield feels this limited success is encouraging.
The group includes instructors Phil Anderson, Barb Fritz, Mary Januschka and Brad Wold.
Club members preparing for the Manchester event are Maisam Hussain, James Czerwik Hampsther, Amar Farooq Sadiq, Nadeem Ahmad, Raymond Fitzpatrick, Phil Anderson, Donna Byrne, Somya Ellis, Samuel George Neve, Daniel Kermani, Simon Anderson, Mostafa Bagherzadett, Jamel Letief, Connor Sutcliffe, Tehreem Hassan, Joe Sungsby, Lee Sungsby and Jemma Parfitt.
Phil Anderson, executive director of the Group Life Coalition, said after the vote that, "The overwhelming, bipartisan inclusion of group life in the House version of this critical legislation will hopefully serve as reminder and wake-up call that the House of Representatives will not prioritize the financial security of buildings over people.
Two goals from Phil Anderson were supplemented by further efforts from Tony Bedward and Mike Ashbrooke as Princes Rovers savoured a 4-2 win at Kingkabs in Division One, while FC Sportsmans' 4-3 triumph at Parkside Rovers featured goals from Mike Thelwell (2) Mark Draper and Eric Fogg.
According to Phil Anderson, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, "Most of the stuff is already on the shelf.
Our Regiment bids a special thank-you and farewell to two of our great leaders, warriors and friends--Major Generals Phil Anderson and Milt Hunter--as they retire from our ranks this summer.
Phil Anderson (a scientist who worked here last summer) told me that when the wind erodes the snow into sastrugi it is one of the smoothest natural surfaces -- even more so than water or sand
We're not happy to see them, but we are ready to defend against them," ACLI Vice President Phil Anderson said.