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Synonyms for barker

someone who stands in front of a show (as at a carnival) and gives a loud colorful sales talk to potential customers

informal terms for dogs

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Wrongly suspected of shooting Phil, he died in a crash after a chase
She told Phil she didn't know if she was mailing things properly because her husband recently died and he always handled the taxes.
The Positive Phil Podcast showcases positive serial entrepreneurs and individuals who built their businesses and successful lives by being positive and by not giving up.
However, it didn't last and Sharon left both Phil and the Square to go and live with her mum, Angie.
amusedtodeath Well done Phil, thanks for everything, hope everything goes well for you in the future.
It was a little weird seeing him on that sideline," older Phil said, "but it was great, a thrill for a dad.
With his 1980s television shows obtaining cult status through YouTube and the like, Phil has found yet more adoring fans and the verdict is obvious - his comedy is as contemporary and hilarious as it ever was.
Problems between the pair flare up again when Phil finds out about Ian's affair with Glenda Mitchell and blackmails him for money to keep it secret.
Father-of-two Phil, aged 38, from Codsall, near Wolverhampton, was at St Andrew's on Saturday for a sponsored zipwire abseil.
Phil is concerned for the wellbeing of a pupil who is covered in bruises, but his inquiries don't go well when the lad's violent father pulls out a gun.
The most expensive soap stunt ever filmed will see chip-shop boss Ian Beale's son Peter and hardman Phil Mitchell's boy Ben trapped underwater when Phil's car rolls into a lake.
Carolyn and Phil Berlin, who have been involved in local issues including development at the Bob Hope Airport, made the cut in Tuesday's mail-in primary.
Some weeks ago, in an online commentary on this subject, I related the story of my first real encounter with Phil Merrill--publisher, businessman, diplomat and patron of Maryland's College of Journalism--who died in June.