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ancient Greek sculptor (circa 500-432 BC)


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He seemed, at last, to envision himself as Phidias preparing to carve the frieze of the horseman in the Panathenaic Festival.
The image, as Nigel Spivey notes, aimed to recreate "the first 'private viewing'" of the marbles, unobstructed by columns or ravaged by time, with Phidias himself depicted guiding prominent Athenians around an elevated platform of scaffolding.
It is almost like being in a gallery surrounded by the sculptures of Michelangelo, Bernini, and Phidias, where every body part is in flawless relation with every other.
Audrey Flack transforms the archetypal Medusa Rondanini (Roman copy of an original by Phidias, c.
Nous pensons aux reflexions d'un Quatremere de Quincy, au tout debut du siecle, sur la polychromie de la statuaire grecque, publiees a propos d'une etude sur le Jupiter Olympien de Phidias, reflexions qui pousserent peut-etre son ami Canova a ces ajouts discrets d'accessoires en bronze dore (Hebe) et que l'on retrouve chez Pradier (La Poesie lyrique, Sapho) ou chez Foyatier (La Sieste) sans oublier le travail de cires teintees passees sur certaines parties du marbre de Pauline Borghese en Venus victrix (fig.
The sculptor Phidias also is thought to have used [PHI] in many of his works, and this association is the source of the symbol used to represent the golden mean.
The virtual visit to the workshop of Phidias shows how the sculptor created the seated Zeus.
Perhaps most surprising, one can see the workshop of Phidias, the fifth- century b.
Among the textual links is the metaphysical argument made by Galen that the work of nature is superior to the work of the sculptor because "a Praxiteles, a Phidias is limited to forming external material," and deprived of penetrating to the interior parts as nature does.
Phidias, the Greek sculptor, was said to be working on the details of the head of Athena when a student said he shouldn't bother about the back of the head as no one would see it.
The two, with their old mate Phidias, are properly credited as the likely authors of the Parthenon of which there are photos and a 3D digital model.
He did not wield immense political power like Pericles; he was not a man of great artistic talent like the sculptor Phidias or the playwright Sophocles; he was not an Olympic champion or a great business success or even good-looking.
La estatua de Zeus en Olimpia, tercera maravilla, fue esculpida por Phidias, en el siglo V a.
La proporcion 1,618, o su inversa 0,618, ya habia sido denominada por los antiguos griegos "razon aurea" o "media aurea", y se representa con la letra griega phi (f), que hace referencia al escultor griego Phidias (5).