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a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species

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Bundy, first rearing its head on the band's Pheremones album and revisited here, marries a Velvet Revolver riff with the dangerously unpredictable vocal of Agnete Maria Kjolsrud.
New research shows dumped males avoid going anywhere near females who exude similar pheremones - scent hormones - to their ex.
There are lots of surprises in this fast-moving story, as when Sage meets her biological father, and when a plan is hatched to exploit the pheremones she produces for a different kind of birth control.
In some US casinos, the slot machines even spray you with pheremones as you play to make you feel more aggressive and competitive
The day we can once again stand downwind of our idols without choking on a fug of whiff and pheremones can't come a day too soon.
Nah, it's all pheremones. And what about the high silica content?
(Pheremones are scents given off by deer that affect the behaviors of other deer.) The good news for the bowhunter is that if you are finding scrapes, then they were probably made by bucks two and a half years old or older.
They communicate with chemicals, use sex pheremones to attract mates, lay chemical trails for navigation, and produce a variety of toxins for defence, and venoms as weapons.
The good part about the Random House edition is that it was published in 1987 and therefore contains words like cryogenic and pheremones that weren't around for earlier dictionaries to include.