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a chemical substance secreted externally by some animals (especially insects) that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals of the same species

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You might find a cat pheremone spray called Feliway useful.
Plug-in pheremone diffusers such as Feliway, obtained from your vet, may also be useful.
Philosophy Falling In Love pheremone, pounds 48 (020 7734 1234).
Groom both cats with the same brush or glove to expose each cat to the other's scent, considering the use of a pheremone diffuser to help calm your feisty new feline.
From Low to High Imposex Sites to Sex Pheremones, 48 Marine Pollution
Over thirty articles discuss new developments in research on multiorganismal insects, crop domestication, heat shock proteins, models for biotechnology, miniaturization, temperature tolerance, evolutionary biology, parasitoids, insect-plant interactions, developmental biology and life-cycles, nutrition, conventional artificial pest control, natural population control, insecticide resistance, integrated pest management, honey bee toxicology, epigenetics, adaptations, disease vectors, and pheremones. Article titles are indexed for volumes 51-60.
Different aspects of heredity are examined in several papers, including radiation effects, analysis of genomic data to detect natural selection, genomic imprinting in plants, the origins of animal cells, meiotic recombination, and evolution of sex pheremones. Many papers center around RNA, including nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, bacterial metabolic regulation, editing in plants, RNase III, transcriptional elongation control, and adaptive translation.
Plus, detecting alarm pheremones isn't the only way that fish depend on their sense of smell -- pheremones are also important in mating, navigating, and establishing social hierarchies.
Other curiosities and sacred cows to be slayed include why juice tastes bad after brushing your teeth (the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in the "foam" blocks the sweet-taste receptors in your mouth), whether bacon is a good hangovers cure and whether wasps are attracted to sweat or the pheremones we produce when afraid.
It even had the same atmosphere - a mix of pheremones, deodorant and teenage angst.
If you already know your pet is scared of fireworks, speak to your vet for advice on pheremones or medication to calm them.
Bundy, first rearing its head on the band's Pheremones album and revisited here, marries a Velvet Revolver riff with the dangerously unpredictable vocal of Agnete Maria Kjolsrud.
There are lots of surprises in this fast-moving story, as when Sage meets her biological father, and when a plan is hatched to exploit the pheremones she produces for a different kind of birth control.