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Synonyms for Christopher

Christian martyr and patron saint of travellers (3rd century)

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(2014) for captures in pyramid traps baited with PHER or MDT, indicating that patterns reported in this study correspond to other reported patterns of seasonal populations of H.
That was a fun night, with Pher's three other children, Kurt, Kimmy and Kullen, wife Kelly, parents Hector and Carmen, and six sisters Grace Kelly, Jacqueline, Kaye, Sharon, Helene, and Charmaine (who flew in with her kids Randie, Rana and Juju from the United States) making the celebration a memorable family reunion.
JUST A-DOR-ABLE: Saint Andy Dorman races away; PHER RESULT: St Mirren manager Gus MacPherson
And thisundertaking does just that." The campaign was brought to life through the artistic talent of fashion photogra- pher Diego Indraccolo and director Luigi Pane.
Attractions include an exhibition by the late Lee Miller, who was a model in New York in the 1920s before going to Paris to be a fashion and fine art photogra pher.
Ac mewn cydweithrediad e chwmni Opera Cenedlaethol Cymru, mae gan Yr Herald Cymraeg ber o docynnau ar gyfer y nos Wener, yn ogystal e pher o docynnau ar gyfer opera Wagner, Tristan and Isolde, sy'n cael ei llwyfannu yno ar nos Sadwrn, Hydref 28..
photogra pher will be there to capture your special party,and the fashions on show (strictly no bin bags and L plates!), soget your ideas to us and keep your fingers crossed.
The visual anchors for the cards are pictures from the Oman in Focus expo conducted earlier this year and organised by photograA[degrees] pher Maisa al Hooti.
But in recent months the same practice has crept quiet- ly on to the 'must have' list of global clients before they commit to a stills photogra- pher. The photographer's portfolio, previously the only necessary indicator of suita- bility, is not enough for some clients to hand over their pro- duction budgets - the pho- tographer's treatment is key.
Mr Sherry said the run up to Christmas was always a difficult time for his mum as it reminds her of the death of her husband, also called Christo- pher, who died of natural causes in September, 1970, aged 33.
The BMW driver, Christo- pher Antonio, has admitted the offence and will be sentenced after Churchill's trial has ended.
All he wants is to meet the right girl and make a success of his new business, but it's not easy when his professional mobster stepfather, Sal Maggio (Christo- pher Walken) skims the profits.
Known for her painstaking research, last year Hunter, newly wed to Polish- born cinematogra- pher Janusz Kaminski, returned from her honeymoon to spend several days and nights at the homicide division of Los Angeles's tough Rampart Boulevard Station.