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ancient Greek sculptor (circa 500-432 BC)


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Alma Tadema's Pheidias and the Frieze of the Parthenon (1886, Birmingham Museums) imagines the ancient Greek sculptor Pheidias unveiling his work on the Parthenon frieze for the first time.
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Pheidias, the greatest sculptor of classical antiquity, constructed the Athena Parthenos on a wooden framework with carved ivory for skin and a gold wardrobe.
Indeed, as was suggested above, in Ennead V, 8[31] Plotinus will emphasize the importance of intelligible beauty, considering that sensible beauty have its roots in a rational principle or intellect itself: "For Pheidias too did not make his Zeus from any model perceived by the senses, but understood what Zeus would look like if he wanted to make himself visible" (V, 8 [31], 1, 35-40).
FAKENHAM: GAZETTE BET: 2.35 Pheidias. NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.00 Adage, 2.35 No Panic, 3.10 Frontier Spirit, 3.45 Anquetta, 4.20 Kinsya, 4.55 Sean Og, 5.25 Catspan.
I introduced myself as a Greek biochemist living in Toronto and they returned the favor by introducing themselves as "Pheidias" and "Pericles." My God, they were crying like kids!
The famous citadel, which Strabo described as 'the sacred precinct of Athena, comprising both the old temple of Athena Polias, in which is the lamp that is never quenched, and the Parthenon built by Ictinus, in which is the work in ivory by Pheidias, the Athena; stood imprisoned by medieval crenellated walls and guarded by belligerent rectangular towers.
MARKET RASEN: 1.40 Premier Sagas, 2.10 Calfraz, 2.40 Pheidias, 3.10 TAKE IT THERE (NAP), 3.45 Amir Pasha, 4.10 Hello You.
(104.) It is instructive to consider Plutarch's claim that "many times, on the contrary, while we delight in the work, we despise the workman," and that "no generous youth, from seeing the Zeus at Pisa, or the Hera at Argos, longs to be Pheidias or Polycleitus ...
The immersive frieze-framing of Leonidas' charge in 300, perhaps aspired to the view imagined in Lawrence Alma-Tadema's 1868 painting "Pheidias and the Parthenon Frieze." The image, as Nigel Spivey notes, aimed to recreate "the first 'private viewing'" of the marbles, unobstructed by columns or ravaged by time, with Phidias himself depicted guiding prominent Athenians around an elevated platform of scaffolding.
Those in charge of my upbringing (the famous Pheidias, Ictinus and Callicrates) took great pains that I grew properly.
104) suggests that Pheidias' chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos is meant, but since this was nearly fifty feet tall Charmides would have had to be content with embracing her shin.
For example, on the basis of the names Pheidias (Archimedes' father) and Archimedes, he concludes that Archimedes' father was an astronomer, and his grandfather was an artist (pp.