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Synonyms for Phoebe

the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

(Greek mythology) a Titaness who became identified with Artemis as goddess of the Moon

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Phebe, of Kings Heath, said: "They told me that if I'd been wearing normal shoes my injuries would have been so bad they'd probably have had to amputate my foot.
In her statement to the police, the girl said she had been staying with Phebe at her rented two- bedroom house in Netaji Nagar, for the past two years.
Mendes then doubles-down on gay panic when Rosalind's gender reversal finds Ganymede pursued by the wench Phebe.
Ce projet revoit la biographie et l'oeuvre de la poetesse terre-neuvienne Phebe Florence Miller (1889-1979).
The woman who walked into the sea was Phebe Hedges, in 1806.
CASE FACTS: Based upon his age, Delia Phebe, the then 70 year-old patient was referred by Elmont Community Healthcare Center to Nassau University Medical Center for a Screening Colonoscopy in 2004.
Some of the tweaked tunes sit more comfortably than others, with a sweet Stand By Me from songbird Ali McGregor as Grace Madden/Polly Peachum, and an amusing, bastardised rendition of Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days by Karina Fernandez as pamphleteer Phebe Groves.
Phebe Meyers, 18--Change the World Kids--Bosque Para Siempre
Vic Ramstetter and Karen Phebe Beiser, co-directors, Cincinnati
with his wife, Phebe, as part of a six-week speaking tour to encourage support of the Monitor and other Christian Science publications.
Mrs Joseph is survived by her husband and sons Thomas Joseph and Abraham Joseph, and daughters Joice Joseph and Phebe Joseph Wilson - all living in the US - and another son Mathew Joseph, who lives in Bangalore.
Wife Rhoda and son Buzz, six, followed a year later, while daughter Phebe, two, was born here.