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Spotlighting uniquely detected the Common Ringtail Possum and Eastern Pygmy Possum, the hair funnels detected Brush-tailed Phascogale and the cameras detected Feathertail Glider, Sugar Glider, Squirrel Glider and Yellow-footed Antechinus.
The Brush-tailed Phascogale records are also significant as this species has not been previously recorded from Lonsdale NCR nor the immediate Grampians NP area according to the VBA database (Fig.
Comparative survey: In Monodelphis dimidiata, Marmosops fuscatus, Marmosa robinsoni, Cryptonanus chacoensis, and some Australasian groups such as Phalanger orientalis and Phascogale tapoatafa, this is a very bulky and well-developed muscle.
The students identified a new population of leafy greenhood orchids and carried out surveys of local wildlife, including powerful owls and phascogales.
Motion-triggered cameras detected five species of arboreal mammal using the structures to cross the freeway, including the Squirrel Glider, Sugar Glider, Brush-tailed Phascogale, Common Brushtail Possum and Common Ringtail Possum (Soanes et al.
macrurus (Koorrawal), Antechinus bellus, Phascogale topoatafa and Rattus tunneyi (Djini).
Jackson and Groves (2015) report three such species split: the Long-nosed Bandicoot Perameles nasuta now two separate species--Southern Bandicoot P nasuta and Northern Long-nosed Bandicoot P pallescens; Greater Glider Petauroides volans now three species--Southern Greater Glider P volans, Central Greater Glider P armillatus and Northern Greater Glider, P minor; and Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa into Brush-tailed Phascogale P tapoatafa and Northern Phascogale P pirata.
This book systematically lists the varying taxa from the iconic Ko ala and Tasmanian Devil to the lesser known Redtailed Phascogale.
Sugar Glider Petaurus breviceps and Brushtailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa (hereafter Phascogale), are the main users of these boxes, but other species such as the Squirrel Glider Petaurus norfolcensis, Yellow-footed Antechinus Antechinus flavipes, Common Brushtail Possum Trichosurus vulpecula and Common Ringtail Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus have been recorded also (Myers and Dashper 1999).
In the foothills north-east of Melbourne near Warrandyte, Trust for Nature has worked collaboratively with residents and local groups to protect the state listed Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafa and the nationally endangered Little Pink Spider-orchid Caladenia rosella.
This difficulty of cross-cultural communication is nicely illustrated by the incorrect use of the Victorian Aboriginal name Tuan for Phascogale tapoatafa instead of Acrobates pygmaeus or Petaurus breviceps (Conole 1987, Hercus 1988, Scarlett 1988).
Tall white manna gums, rough barked box trees, silver wattles and a rich community of native plants provide a safe home for black-faced wallabies, wombats, echidnas, sugar gliders, phascogales and song birds of every shape and colour--all nourished by the cool, fresh flowing river water.
Dr Diana Fisher of the University of Queensland has worked extensively with dasyurid marsupials (most of Australia's carnivorous marsupials are classified as dasyurid), including antechinuses and phascogales, and is doubtful many native species would make good pets.
In Western Australia, the woodland communities of salmon gum, york gum, gimlet and wandoo -- home to numbats and red-tailed phascogales -- were seen as indicators of fertile soils, and have now been extensively cleared.
Most Australians know of and have seen some kangaroos and koalas, but after those iconic species, know little of planigales, phascogales, potoroos, pademelons and the majority of the nearly 400 species of Australian mammals.