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the title of the ancient Egyptian kings

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Police in Omagh, Co Tyrone, released the photograph of the four lads in Egyptian pharoah outfits saying they believe the group "may have information that would assist enquiries into an assault".
I may not have visited many ancient sites, but I left the Jaz Almaza resort with a good idea of how the pharoahs must have lived.
In the time of Pharoahs lives a young hippopotamus named Hapu.
"Not only did they cover the history of the period, but also literature, having to write a diary as though they were Pharoahs.
POP over to the land of the Pharoahs for a long weekend and enjoy the Egyptian sun on a three-night B&B break.
So no wonder the Egyptians mobilized thousands of workers to build Khufu and the other pharoahs the finest of burial monuments.