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Synonyms for pharmacy

the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines

a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold

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"I had a 'proper' job (working in sales and marketing for a pharmeceutical company), and my boss had made me go to a meeting in Seattle.
We recently researched just where does all of tea and coffee's caffeine go and we found out that the cosmetic, beverage and pharmeceutical industries are the largest purchasers of caffeine.
I mean, it's not like it has been getting progressively better over the years, if anything I've been meaning to take out shares in a pharmeceutical company, so much of my summer spending money was going on tablets.
Based on the difference in prices and the free movement of goods within the EU, these legal activities are causing much controversy in the pharmeceutical industry.
pharmeceutical industry: Impact of firm resources and capabilities'.
The volume will be of interest to anyone in the chemical and biochemical engineering, food science and pharmeceutical professions who is either attempting to diversify into new products, or is looking for an alternative process to circumvent existing problems faced due to current conventional separation methods.
It would be the first company with a unique focus on SCI, a disorder often considered by pharmeceutical companies to have "orphan" status and one that doesn't have a sufficient market to justify large drug-development expenditures (compared to stroke or Alzheimer's disease).
Because of the success of their first trial, MTRA has already begun tw roll out additional services to pharmeceutical, biotechnology and medical equipment manufacturers.