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Their 2017 LBP treatment guidelines support a non- pharmalogical approach to care using non-invasive, non-drug therapies.
Blasiak, "Oxidative DNA damage and proteostasis in age-related macular degeneration," Journal of Biochemical and Pharmalogical Research, vol.
Although pharmalogical treatment options are available, they have limitations in efficacy and safety, such as corticosteroids dependence, the risk of the colectomy and the development of colon cancer (Danese, 2012; Meier and Sturm, 2011).
Several pharmalogical agents like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), opioids (Morphine, fentanyl sufentanyl) and non-pharmalogical measures (Deep breathing relaxation exercises, music, ice application) along with many other methods had been investigated to alleviate the pain caused by this procedure but definitive regimen has not been determined.
Although decreased salivary flow as a side-effect of pharmalogical treatment does not appear to be responsible for the increase in dental caries in children with ADHD, (7-9) the role of saliva in the caries process still needs further study.
"Loss aversion and cost effectiveness of healthcare programs." Pharmalogical Economics, 26(11): 895-898.