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Talking to reporter, Chairman Patients Rights Forum and Pharmacists Lawyers Forum renowned pharmacist Dr.
While pharmacists continue to have one of the strongest professional reputations in Canada, we are seeing an increasing level of awareness and trust surrounding the expanded services we are now delivering," said Alistair Bursey, chair of the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA).
The annual World Pharmacists Day is being celebrated worldwide with this years theme Pharmacists: Caring for you.
Israf Gul said that the pharmacists services could not be ignored because a doctor prescribed to patients while pharmacist point out the effect and side effects of medicines.
This study aimed at assessment of the awareness and knowledge of the Sudanese community pharmacists about contraindicated drugs for asthmatic patients.
Pharmacists who receive additional training and are on the clinical registry of the Alberta College of Pharmacists will be permitted to prescribe many Schedule 1 drugs and blood products, as well as administer some injections, such as flu shots and travelers vaccines.
John Hoey, its editor, indulged in a bit of "investigative journalism" when he sent 13 women from across Canada to buy the MAP and report on how their request was received by the pharmacist.
Even after he moved to Minnesota, Wisconsin legislators were rushing to his defense, pushing legislation to "protect" pharmacists who refused to dispense products they felt led to the "planned, calculated destruction of human life.
Hospital pharmacists usually work 37 hours a week, and are likely to be on a rota for weekend work and for being on call.
Various Religious Right groups have jumped into the fray, backing the pharmacists.
The issue has become increasingly controversial across the country, particularly in more conservative areas of the South and Midwest, where some pharmacists have refused to dispense birth-control or ``morning- after'' pills, and about a dozen states have passed laws to protect them.
It sounds counter to logic: an institutional pharmaceutical products provider training its pharmacists for the purpose of reducing or potentially eliminating many of the higher-cost, more-profitable prescription drugs.
Practicing senior care pharmacy is one of the most challenging roles pharmacists play.
Already, four states allow doctors to give pharmacists standing prescriptions to dispense the pills.
In 2001, when the government first allowed pharmacists to provide emergency contraception, the guidelines also had an age restriction of 16 years and older, but this restriction has since been eliminated.