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Likewise the phallic symbolism of exchanging smokes is played up, as is the key element of the automobile as a bonding agent between father and son.
From Elvis' gyrating hips and the phallic symbolism in rock stars' stage gestures and props, we've regressed to popular bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jesus Lizard, who sometimes play in the nude and perform unmentionable bodily functions onstage.
When Annie changes Benjamin's johnny, I catch a glimpse of his flaccid penis, and I think of the rich phallic symbolism of the motorcycle he rode into oblivion.
To give one example, Vasvairi's argument that the archpriesr's encounters with the serranas signify Juan Ruiz's fear of being penetrated by the female overemphasizes the phallic symbolism of the women toll-keepers' staffs, ignoring the irony suffusing the text, not to mention the complex issues of class and social negotiations.