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a count who exercised royal authority in his own domain

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There are clear indications that big Arab clans have a an infiltration strategy and try to keep certain family members away from criminal activities so that they could later infiltrate state services," Pfalzgraf explained as he appeared on ZDF's 'Morgen Magazin' program.
Pfalzgraf, headquartered in the Black Forest at Pfalzgrafenweiler, has been producing the popular cake for 45 years and annually sells 400,000 of them.
64 with study participants' midlife IQ on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (Spinks, Arndt, Caspers, Yucuis, McKirgan, Pfalzgraf et al.
Although Dusseldorf was the final home for this painting, that was not to be the case for the paintings commissioned by the Pfalzgraf from Rubens or, indeed, of Johann Wilhelm's collection as a whole.
Pfalzgraf concludes that the chiefly ideological basis of German neo-purism is a feature of the period following German reunification, when America ceased to be Germany's most important ally.
Harris, Melvin McKinney, Megan Muter, William Pfalzgraf, Julie Seales, Rick Veach
Pfalzgraf Konditorei launched a number of German cake specialities for foodservice at Anuga, including two dietetic products.
The new district attorney changed the eligibility guidelines for drug court ad mission and decided that Pfalzgraf did not meet them, so he withdrew his approval of her admission to drug court.
Elaine Pfalzgraf, councilwoman, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Mary Pinkett, councilwoman, Brooklyn, N.
Jenny Pfalzgraf, from managing editor at Goodwill Industries to editor, PR News.
More recently, the club has shifted from a social network to a professionally oriented organization (see Pfalzgraf, 1994).
Jenny Pfalzgraf, "Boycott Phobia: Separating Fact from Fiction," American Advertising, Summer 1994, pp.
Jill Reeves, NALP The Wauregan Jennifer Ross, NALP BNP Investments Crystal Silva, NALP Pfalzgraf Asset Management Kurt Spinner, NALP Value Companies Karina Torres, NALP Bohannon Development Michelle Tovar, NALP LumaCorp Henry Vidot-Hemandez, NALP LumaCorp Clarisa Villanueva, NALP LumaCorp Hallie Malitsky, NALP The Dolben Company Erica McNamara, NALP Hallkeen Management Claudia Mendoza, CAM, NALP Tropicana Properties Jessica Menser, NALP Fort Polk Samantha Middleton, NALP Venessa Molton, NALP School Bell Apartments Rebecca Nolan, NALP WPM Management Giani D.
Karen McGee, councilmember, Pocatello, Idaho; Elaine Pfalzgraf, councilmember, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Mary Pinkett, councilmember, Brooklyn, N.
Pfalzgraf Konditorei wants dessert lovers to have their cake without worrying about putting on extra pounds.