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any plant of the genus Astrantia

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Germination responses of Peucedanum ostruthium (Apiaccae) to genotype, light, temperature and gibberellic acid.
Diet breadth varies considerably between the species: among the species feeding on Apiaceae, the food plant spectrum ranges from a single host in Oreina gloriosa (Peucedanum ostruthium, Peucedaneae), to two hosts of different tribes in Oreina bifrons (Chaerophyllum hirsutum, Scandiceae and Peucedanum ostruthium, Peucedaneae), and to Apiaceae from as many as three different tribes (Oreina speciosa and Oreina variabilis, feeding [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] on several Apieae, Peucedaneae and Scandiceae).
In the gloriosa clade (B) Peucedanum ostruthium (Peucedaneae) is the only plant (tribe) that all these species feed on readily; thus, in this clade, either a successive broadening of the food spectrum might be hypothesized or a secondary restriction to monophagy in O.
Strategy of selection and isolation for the active principles of Olea europaea and Peucedanum ostruthium.