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a refinery for petroleum

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But traditional petroleum refineries are not equipped to distill crude pyrolysis oil because it is highly acidic and has high oxygen content, making it corrosive and thermally unstable.
In this regard a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Al Motahaden Petroleum Refineries (AMPR) and Board of Investment (BOI) here on Thursday.
These updated Clean Air Act standards will lower the cancer risk from petroleum refineries for more than 1.
The letter asks EPA to provide the committee with any economic impact or health benefit analyses it performed prior to reaching the settlements to issue new source performance standards for greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum refineries and power plants.
Department of Energy in 2004 for a study that identified a number of opportunities for biorenewables in petroleum refineries.
The plan outlines regulations aimed at cutting ozone pollution from petroleum refineries, paint manufacturers and truck stops, which are all within the district's jurisdiction.
These technologies soon found their way into petroleum refineries and chemical plants.
After growing up around the petroleum refineries of Louisiana, I was encouraged to see your coverage of environmental racism ("Toxic Targets," July/August 1998).
New controls should also reduce emissions from other benzene-storage vessels by up to 60 percent and limit by nearly 70 percent the evaporative leaks -- from pumps, valves and other equipment -- in chemical plants and petroleum refineries.
com/research/7ms8t5/2013_worldwide) has announced the addition of the "2013 Worldwide Petroleum Refineries Industry-Industry & Market Report" report to their offering.
On the other hand, Al-Motahaden Petroleum Refineries of the United Arab Emirates will invest $500 million in setting up an oil refinery in Pakistan in an attempt to reduce imports and meet the country's growing energy needs.
TAIF-NK belongs to TAIF PSC Group (Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation), and is one of the largest petroleum refineries in Russia.
The Indian firm recently beat out Oil Libya for the Shell, Chevron, and BP stakes in Kenya's Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd.
ISTANBUL, Jun 23, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp (TUPRAS) became the exports champion of Turkey in 2008, a research said.
Environmental Protection Agency and the Justice Department reached an agreement last month with Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC, that is expected to reduce air emissions from seven of the company's petroleum refineries by more than 23,000 tons per year.
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