Euphorbia lathyris

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poisonous Old World spurge

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Saito outlined his short-term expansion plans for the company which includes the construction and assembly of a biodiesel-diesel mixing unit and the expansion of the present petroleum plant to reach the processing capacity of 100 thousand barrels per month from the current level of 45 thousand barrels per month.
petroleum plant to receive ISO 14001 certification.
In January, the National Centre for Statistics and Information data indicated that the production levels at refineries and petroleum plants producing automobile fuels in Oman dropped by 11.
which had offices across the country, helped pioneer the contract maintenance concept for expert upkeep and repair of chemical and petroleum plants.
The Libya Stabilisation Team (LST) had begun to direct aid to Tripoli and sent some of its 70-plus group to secure the country's petroleum plants and utilities.
86, continuing the march back from last week's steep fall as rising waters along the Mississippi River threatened to disrupt petroleum plants in Louisiana in the next two weeks.
have demonstrated their method on petroleum plants that separate crude, showing that 70 of the new sequences they identified could enable oil refineries to improve the energy efficiency of this step anywhere from six percent to 48%, indicates Rakesh Agrawal, professor of chemical engineering.
Petrofac, a British-based company, will be responsible for modernising facilities in several petroleum plants in Kuwait.
The company, specializing in the servicing of power and petroleum plants, said the employees were delivering tools into the site in preparation of a regular inspection, set to start from Saturday, when the accident took place.
In November 1942 a competitor, the Federation of Arab Trade Unions and Labor Societies (FATULS), formed, representing skilled workers in large enterprises: Haifa's port, petroleum plants, naval base, and government transport.
A 1979 article(1) reporting on the then relatively new twelve-hour shift in chemical and petroleum plants found it both cost-effective and attractive to employees.
Control Point Design's customers include some of the biggest industries in the world - petroleum plants, power plants, chemical plants, bio-fuels plants, wastewater treatment plants and hospitals.
Experts have narrowed the culprit to 25 facilities, all clustered about the Houston Ship Channel, home of the nation's largest concentration of petroleum plants - and the state of Republican presidential contender George W.
Products range from solid rocket motor nozzle assemblies, aircraft assemblies, wet and dry friction applications such as military aircraft and automobile racing carbon-carbon brakes, automotive torque control assemblies and transmissions, to materials for industrial insulation for the aluminum and steel industries, chemical process industries and petroleum plants among others.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 22, 1994--Garlock Mechanical Packing, a division of Coltec Industries' Garlock Inc subsidiary, has been designated as the sole supplier of valve stem packing for all British Petroleum plants in Europe.
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