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But, while the decline in petrol sniffing is very positive, petrol sniffing remains a problem in some areas of rural and remote Australia.
Menzies researcher, Professor Peter dAbbs, who conducted the study with Gillian Shaw of Bowchung Consulting, said the study demonstrated beyond doubt how effective low aromatic fuel had been in reducing petrol sniffing.
Earliest reports of petrol sniffing in the Northern Territory among Aboriginal groups stem back to the Second World War, from the influences of American servicemen who were stationed throughout north Australia and were claimed to inhale petrol when alcohol was unavailable (Brady, 1992, p.
Since then there have been various outbreaks and interventions by the community and different government agencies associated with petrol sniffing which are documented in Senior (2003).
He was part of a teenage world where there was petrol sniffing, grog, girlfriends, and marijuana.
Petrol sniffing exerts its greatest influence on young men in their early teenage years.
Brady shows that in 'official discourse' both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal petrol sniffing is readily seen as 'a problem' not only due to its toxic effects but also because of the threat it poses to the established order.
For example Brady reveals that in Western Australia, communities in the Central Reserve area have a twenty year history of petrol sniffing, whilst the Wiluna community with whom they have ceremonial and other associations, does not have members who sniff.
I have seen first-hand the problems that petrol sniffing can cause.
Together we can make a real difference in tackling the scourge of petrol sniffing in our communities.
We have been told by the young people that petrol sniffing is becoming more common.
Peter d'Abbs and Sarah MacLean have begun this in their Petrol Sniffing review.
MacLean 2000 Petrol Sniffing in Aboriginal Communities: A Review of Interventions, Co-operative Research Centre for Aboriginal and Tropical Health, Darwin.
The Northern Territory Government will also support moves towards increasing cross jurisdictional responses to petrol sniffing in remote communities.