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a shallow dish used to culture bacteria

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Conidia from some samples were aseptically transferred within a laminar flow hood to full strength potato dextrose agar (PDA) in Petri plates to obtain pure cultures for species identification.
Discs were individually placed in a 3 cm diameter petri plate, on a piece of cotton soaked in water to keep the leaf wet.
5%, for 30 and 60 seconds, respectively, rinsed in sterile distilled water and transferred to Petri plates containing PDA (potato, dextrose and Agar).
Then, in Petri plates containing 20 mL of PDA medium, 200 [micro]l of inoculum ([10.
2], so that the air inside the Petri plates also gets reduced in the slow combustion process.
Two hundred seeds, with four replications with 50 seeds each, were seeded in 150 mm petri plates with two sheets of germitest paper moistened with 6 mL of distilled water.
The CFU counts were assigned a range of values to further qualify the degree of contamination expressed per Petri plate as shown in Table I.
Numbers of living and dead larvae in each petri plate were counted and percent mortality was calculated.
The difference is that, after stirring by 15 min, the material in the beaker was filtered in a filter paper and transferred to a Petri plate previously weighed.
All the experiments were conducted in 12 cm Petri plate on filter paper beds in growth chambers.
Each larva was then placed in a Petri plate with washed leaves and eight adult Drosophila.
The 'new trick' is the application of novel technology to enhance the function of the petri plate to grow microorganisms; not just any microorganism, but those that will not grow in air--the anaerobes--independent of special apparatus, such as jars or chambers.
02 ml of a sample were surface plated (dropped using micropipettes) on a Petri plate divided into six divisions and the drop was spread by a inoculating loop; or (ii) full spread plates for larger volumes (16), i.
4 ml of 105 cells of L-929 (mouse fibroblast cell line) were transferred in a 20 mm petri plate containing the specimen and incubated in carbon-dioxide chamber containing 5% C[O.