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a shallow dish used to culture bacteria

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Kord-Valmark products have a proven track record of producing the highest quality petri dishes in the life sciences marketplace and exceeding customer standards and expectations.
The system is comprised of a TTFields generator controlled by proprietary software and up to 5 base plates each with eight ultra-high dielectric constant ceramic petri dishes.
To expedite feeding hundreds of larvae, the petri dishes and 950-mL containers remained uncovered so evaporation would accommodate added plankton suspension without causing overlow.
To provide the right environment for the bacteria to grow, Abby placed the Petri dishes in an incubator, or a closed container with set temperature and humidity.
The sterilized discs, placed in 9 cm petri dishes lined with glass fiber filter papers (GF/C), were moistened with 5 ml distilled water or inoculated with the respective bacterium isolate or strains.
Streamlining laboratory workflow, Petri-Flow allows pre-filled or empty Petri dishes to be stored in bulk at one end of the system.
Now, by carefully controlling the chemical environment in their petri dishes, Osborne and her colleagues have added nerve cells to their cornea recipe.
We've got thousands of little (soil) petri dishes with known carbon values.
The medium was sterilized at 120[degrees]C in an autoclave for 20 minutes and 20 mL sterilized solution aseptically poured into petri dishes.
Well, I, in no way, want to discourage any maintainer from having the Christmas spirit, but using RFI hydraulic components, hydraulic petri dishes, and consumable tools as Christmas-tree ornaments goes way beyond Christmas spirit.
A wide variety of material handling accessories enable the cleaning of pipettes, test tubes, petri dishes, and more.
I destroyed seven petri dishes in the autoclave and I put the others in my car.
First, because it's in its infancy, most existing DNA computers consist of only synthetic, made-to-order DNA strands attached to gold plates on one end, with the other end floating freely in test tubes or petri dishes that are linked to myriad scientific devices in university labs.
Sterilized Potato Dextrose agar was poured into nine Petri dishes and allowed to solidify at room temperature.
The agar-containing petri dishes need to be level and filled precisely with the recommended amount of agar to give the correct plate-to-agar-surface distance.