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a shallow dish used to culture bacteria

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Research groups around the world are therefore working on cultivating three-dimensional structures of the midbrain in Petri dishes.
000 microspore / mL) in 60 x 15 mm sterile glass Petri dishes (Chun et al.
To obtain experienced parasitoid females, recently emerged (< 24 h old) wasps were placed into Petri dishes containing rice grains infested by weevil larvae and imagines of S.
Kord-Valmark petri dishes are sold in the life sciences marketplace.
Today's animated Google Doodle features a series of the Petri dishes in Google colours, replacing the "Google" word.
The input power of the TEM cell is calculated by using the same source and a 50 [ohm] matching load with the absence of Petri dishes.
A compromise between the non-soil but visible environment of Petri dishes, and the non-visible but soil environment of jars may be a planar arena, also called 'two-dimensional arena', consisting of a thin soil layer between two transparent plates.
Five-mililiter aliquots of microspore suspension were dispensed into 60 mm x 15 mm sterile petri dishes (200,000 microspore/petri).
Once she obtained saliva samples, Abby took them to the State Hygienic Lab and grew the bacteria on agar, a gel used in petri dishes to culture small organisms.
Contributors from computer science, bioinformatics, and other disciplines survey the potential of Petri nets (not permeable versions of Petri dishes, but something entirely different) to model complex biological processes at a degree of granularity that is fine enough to be accurate yet gross enough to be practical.
Another avenue of growth foreseen by Sumitomo Demag is the moulding of petri dishes for the medical market.
The sterilized Petri dishes were also labeled with the bacterial and fungal names.
Don Whitley Scientific presents Petri-Flow [TM] manufactured by Zisys, an efficient laboratory solution which automates the transportation of Petri dishes from receipt of sample to analysis.
Touch (Petri dishes) consists of a floating plinth of 36 petri dishes in a regular layout.
While the 2D nature of petri dishes may lead to abnormal test results, Reinnervate's cell culture technology can recreate the realism of live animal tissues by culturing cells in 3D such as skin cells.