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It also offers the Lise & Bertrand Jousset "Exile" Rose Petillant ($47 a bottle), made in France with organic gamay grapes.
Although the ECJ stated that in cases such as this with a lack of harmonizing law across the EU, member-states would have greater discretion to enact domestic law that would protect consumers; while such domestic law could be tolerated when it applied equally to both domestic and imported products, it cannot force producers of such products to incur costs due to that law like this case where the producer of imports would be forced to use different bottles to market and sell petillant de raisin in Germany.
La troupe americaine Circular time a offert, jeudi dernier au soir, a la salle Ahmed Bey, a l'ouverture de la semaine culturelle americaine, un concentre de musique dans un melange petillant, un moment de passion et d'emotion.
TASTING NOTES: Saumur champigny and saumur petillant at Chateau de Targe, Touraine wines at Chateau du Petit Thouars, Bourgueil at Chateau de Miniere.
Their sparkling wine, or Petillant, is a blend of wines from three different harvests, currently 2008, 09 and 10.
Eau, vin petillant et vodka sont dans le coffre de la limousine extra longue.
Seul Kwadwo Asamoah, inhabituel dribbleur sur son cote gauche, l'inventif Mirko Vucinic, et dans une moindre mesure Paul Pogba ont donne un peu de petillant au jeu de la Juve.
A set of adjectives describe the gas content of the wine: mousseux, petillant, effervescent, emoustillant, perlant, tranquille.
Bourjois is going green with its mono eyeshadow in the spring shade of anis petillant for pounds 5.99.
Like most other Vouvray winemakers, Huet release a sparkling mousseux and, interestingly, a Petillant lightly sparkling, which is delicious.
This slightly petillant aromatic and floralwhitewine from the region north east of Oporto in Portugal is easy-on-the-alcohol at just 10.5%.
3 For a mere hint of green, update your neutral make-up by applying Bourjois Pastel Lumiere in Vert Petillant, pounds 5.75 (centre, out next month) along the upper lash line, just like you would an eyeliner.
The always well-informed Jean Lorrain thought he knew the real-life model of Sophor, and his description suggests she might well have been Rachilde: "[Mephistophela] n'etait encore que la tres inquietante et tres svelte jeune femme a tete impertinente de boy, au petillant esprit de gavroche." (13)
Only 1,500 bottles of this Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel) wine were produced and it's not for the fainthearted.