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czar of Russia who introduced ideas from western Europe to reform the government

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She makes her most significant contribution in explaining how the Romanovs, beginning with Peter I, arranged marriages with other European monarchies to perpetuate their dynasty, and how they introduced secular and military ceremonies to mobilize social support for their rule.
Obviously, references to Peter I by 18th- or 19th-century Russian monarchs were not only verbal; symbols and events carried significance as well.
(14) She disagrees with the common view that Peter I secularized Russia (77-78)--or rather, that he secularized the image of the supreme power--and considers a life without religion to have been "inconceivable" for Russians and their rulers.
Alexey Philipovich Kar (1680-1756), General Kar's father, participated in Peter I's principal campaigns and reached the rank of major.
Russian literature from Pushkin's Bronze Horseman (1833) and Gogol's Overcoat (1842) to Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment (1866) seems preoccupied with the agitations of urban life, especially those of Peter I's capital, St.
As Peter I's resign drew toward its close, the Russian occupation of Siberia was complete.
Charles XII was a very intelligent man, a bold and daring leader of men in battle, an innovative tactician and administrator, and a capable strategist; his greatest error was his refusal of Peter I's peace overtures (September-October 1706) and his subsequent decision to invade Russia.
Peter I was the first Russian prince to visit Europe in 1697.
From the onset, however, Peter I's reforms sparked protest.
Balatri praises Peter I's "great and brilliant mind" and claims that, thanks to his reforms, in Russia a few years after his death "the fine arts and learning have advanced ...