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an annual contribution made by Roman Catholics to support the papal see


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Another book published this week by Emiliano Fittipaldi makes a similar claim about the Peter's Pence scheme and says it raised 378 million euros in 2013.
The Catholic Church now has 11 national collections for causes that touch on almost every area of church life: relief aid, antipoverty and communications programs, Peter's Pence (for the pope's programs), and retired religious.
She remembered having heard that money from Peter's Pence, the Vatican's charitable collection, had been used to pay off the Vatican's deficit, and thought she could start an alternative.
Most recall their bishop's name only when his letter asking support for the likes of Peter's Pence is read at Mass, and they neither know nor care if he is considered liberal or conservative.
As well, if the Knights were censured, the Holy See would lose Peter's Pence, and the support of the Universal Church would be undermined, as would the authority of the bishop.
King Offa of Mercia (that's the English Midlands) estabished the Rome scott, or tax, in 787, better known these days as Peter's Pence.
From 1870 Peter's Pence became a major source of income to the papacy.
Promoted as the pope's fund for his assistance to people in dire need, Peter's Pence in 2009 took in $82.
The Peter's Pence offering, which is collected to support Vatican operations, rose 9 percent, to $82.
The report did not give a breakdown by country, but said the total received for Peter's Pence was about $53 million, up nearly 2 percent from 2001.
Ann's Infant and Maternity Home in Washington, homeless and women's shelters, Mary's Pence -- a national alternative to the Catholic collection, Peter's Pence -- and the Women's Ordination Conference.
The organization does not seek to compete with Peter's Pence or to make political statements in favor of women's ordination and other issues, she said.