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a unit of information equal to 1000 terabits or 10^15 bits

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PETA is using beer in its anti-milk campaign as a fun, titillating way to get attention, but the campaign makes it clear that juice, water, soda and soy milk are preferable to beer, PETA's Friedrich said.
PETA has also taken its campaign to Indianapolis for a meeting of the National Baptist Convention U.
Where it used to mean waiting for originals, printing, filing and processing employee changes much later, now we have updates done before someone could even walk to the cabinet to pull a document," stated Kristen Stine, HR Manager at PETA Foundation.
When I was offered to pose for PeTA campaign, it seemed like a heartfelt cause," Richa said.
Global Captive Breeders specialized in the wholesale distribution of exotic reptiles, snakes and rodents and the terrible conditions were discovered during an undercover investigation conducted by a PETA official.
Countless frogs and other animals are killed for dissection, even though non-animal methods for teaching biology are far superior," says PETA India Science Policy Adviser, Dr Chaitanya Koduri.
Once a strong a supporter of PETA, Khloe had posed for the charity in their popular "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign and helped to promote their cause.
The public relations company announced today that it has just made its annual 2011 charitable donations to ASPCA, a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to rescue abused, neglected and abandoned animals from horrendous conditions, and to PETA, whose thorough investigations and aggressive campaigns compel corporations to treat animals in a humane fashion.
For the first time, grieving mum Peta Barnes faced the man who killed her child across a crowded courtroom yesterday.
Peta has also been encouraged by actor John Abraham joining its campaign to create awareness about the cruelty of keeping birds in cages for the amusement of people.
Peta says the extra animals can worsen human hunger because vital resources are spent looking after them.
A source said: "Mary was keen to take pictures for PETA, which she has done in the past.
My mother, my daughter, my sisters-in-law and I like a delicate chicken liver petA, whereas the boys like a rough pork liver petA.
The cost of providing health benefits also was a stumbling block the last go-round, but this time PETA is proposing health benefits packages that are less costly to the district and offer more choice to members.