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Synonyms for dollar sign

a symbol of commercialism or greed

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a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars


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Family ties and peso signs. The matter of choosing a career in the Philippine setting is clearly a family affair.
Going beyond the peso signs, learning about our painters and sculptors and the stories behind specific artworks is a reward unto itself, especially given how the arts media todaydriven and sometimes threatened by advertising and PR devote precious little attention and space to historical subjects.
More than the "peso signs" in the proposed three trillion-peso budget, lawmakers will be looking for provisions that will quicken the use of funds and lead to early completion of projects.
It is fitting that in the face of the most obvious anomalies and irregularities marking our government and its agencies, integrity should come before self-interest, peso signs and the figures on the bottom line.
She said a broadsheet (not the Inquirer) came out with an editorial cartoon which depicted her rosary having peso signs as its beads and even replaced the image of the crucified Jesus with a drawing of the devil.